John Deere Farm Cake!

John Deere Farm Cake!

It’s Springtime! For an agricultural community, this means that planting is just around the corner for farmers, including my dad 🙂 When I saw the design for this cake (click here for original design), I fell in LOVE with the adorable details ♥

John Deere 4 Cake
I told you I was a farm girl, right?! There is so much to see on this little farm that I’m taken back to my childhood of running barefoot on the hot gravel driveway, swinging from a rope swing, and…chasing the pigs when they escaped.  A person has.not.lived until you glance out the living room window to see a hog and his buddies hanging out on the front lawn!

John Deere Farm Cake7

John Deere Farm Cake2

The saga would unfold as this house filled with girls, scrambling to put on shoes, rush outside to stand with our parents to corral these “cotton-pickin” pigs and usher them back to their pen. Oh my word.

John Deere Farm Cake 1

My childhood was FAR from boring! 🙂 Thanks Mom & Dad for the memories!

Then there’s the time I was chased by a herd of sheep!

….The thing is…..we didn’t have sheep.

…but that’s another story for another cake!

John Deere Farm Cake Collage

Using the fencing squared to form the pigpen, I let this be my guide for the width of this number cake. The size I needed for this was a quarter sheet or 9×13 pan, and my preference is that my pans have a nice sharp corner. I will soon be in the market for new rectangle shape pans that are seamless but for now, my Calphalon pan does the trick!

John Deere Farm Cake6

Notice that I put the fencing all the way to the right edge of the number “4” so that the LEFT side of the pen would line up nicely with the width of the upper and lower “fields”. Once I had my needed width, I began cutting away the excess.

**Tips for carving cakes** Wrap the cake in plastic wrap and place in the freezer for at least 1-2 hours then cut immediately after removed from the freezer.  The cake will retain its shape, won’t crumble, or be crushed by the carving. After the cake is cut, I put it BACK in the freezer for another 10-15 minutes just enough for it to harden again so that when I go to frost those cut edges, I won’t pull at the cake.  Let’s just say if I skip these freezing steps, I end up frustrated as the cake crumbles, gets in all the frosting…..Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!! So crumb coat and get that puppy back in the freezer for another 10 minutes then you’ll be ready for frosting, applying fondant, and decorating!

John Deere 4 Cake FB Cover

John Deere Farm Cake3

John Deere Farm Cake4

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