Magical Fairy Silhouette with Butterflies 18th Birthday Cake

“Where have you been, my friend?”


“Are you still doing cakes?”


Simple answer is YES. Yes, I’m still here. Yes, I am still running a very steady and strong idreamCAKES business.


So why don’t I post more pictures? Why haven’t I blogged the stories behind the cakes?

That’s where it gets a bit sticky and seeing how it’s January   MARCH 2016 (aaahhhhhh! I may have started writing this a few weeks ago), it’s a new year and all…… I find myself reflecting A LOT over my 2015 journey. Because I have been (social media) quiet, and am now finally posting pictures and writing stories, I feel I should explain the absence.

I have been tremendously blessed this past year as idreamCAKES!

That means ya’ll have kept me CRAZY BUSY! What a blast! Here’s a quick break down of what that looked like in between homeschooling my 4th grade daughter and parenting my little posse of kiddos, and sometimes I even got to date my husband! He’s so amazing by the way!

Baked, frosted, fondant, and delivered:

Birthdays, Baptisms, Graduations, & Special Occasion Cakes:

74 tiers of cake (some cakes are single tiers or 2 tiers)


25 tiers of cake | 12 weddings (most were 2 or 3 tiers)


133 DOZEN!!! (that’s 1,596 cupcakes!) Includes weddings and 6 Graduations

Mini Cupcakes:

34 dozen (special request for a wedding)

Big Stone Health Foundation Gala:

40 6″ square centerpiece cakes

“HOLY MOKEY!” As my sweet 3 year old, Leland would say. It’s a cross between “holy smokes” and “holy moley” in case you were wondering. Haha! Say it out loud and trust me, you WILL smile and giggle.

So……….…am I still doing the “cake thing”? Yes, yes I am!

I know I’d often post being behind on posting pictures because I was busy baking and decorating, it was the complete truth! I had very little computer time because I was in the kitchen before homeschool, after homeschool, during naps, and after the kids went to bed.

Then in the spring I was flabbergasted when I was asked to make centerpiece cakes for the Big Stone Health Foundation’s 2015 gala. (Check out those details and cake pics HERE.) 40 square 6” cakes that were 2 layers of heavenly red velvet and cream cheese frosting decorated to resemble the Union Jack flag, and the most crazy insane cake order I’ve ever done. I even recruited that amazing hubby of mine to eventually start covering cakes with fondant and stripes just to get them all done! The week of very little sleep 🙂


Magical Fairy Silhouette with Butterflies 18th Birthday Cake

It certainly was a Ca-RAZY 2015 cake year! Tremendously blessed pretty well sums it up! Some cakes really pushed me out of my comfort zone and this gorgeous Fairy Silhouette Cake with floating butterflies was definitely one of them! There are a ton of different silhouette cakes fluttering around Pinterest and so when I received a message requesting THIS ONE, I was a bit nervous but using fondant cutters for the butterflies versus wafer paper or another medium was much more doable.  I brushed some Americolor gel on the wings to create some interest and I love how it made the colors POP.

Sometimes I get a bit camera-happy with the details 🙂

Spring might be here “officially” but it certainly doesn’t feel like it here in West Central Minnesota. So gazing as this lovely, vibrant, magical fairy silhouette cake takes me back to those warm sunny days that I KNOW will soon be coming!

Magical Fairy Silhouette with Butterflies 18th Birthday Cake

Parting is such sweet sorrow… hahahaha JUST KIDDING! I promise to be back sooner than later! 🙂

“There is freedom waiting for you

On the breezes of the sky, and you ask

“What if I fall?”

“Oh, but my darling,

What if you fly?”

-Erin Hanson