Cupcake Party Cupcakes!

Cupcake Party Cupcakes!


Cupcakes are a MUST at any kids birthday party, right?! To actually celebrate with cupcakes at a Cupcake Party is pure genius!

The momma of this little lady always has fabulous ideas ready for me to create when it comes to her daughters’ birthday parties! These are not your typical party cupcakes! I was given the napkin print called Cupcake Party and asked to fashion these beauties into existence. Classic white cupcakes with vanilla buttercream topped with an adorable variety of fondant details.


Super fun and whimsical!  So fun, in fact, that my amazing husband volunteered, ok….he was recruited to assist in the seemingly endless cutting of homemade confetti 🙂 Isn’t he the best?! The colors had to be just right so I did all the color mixing then sent him to work on cutting circles of various colors and then rolling thin fondant ropes to cut into tiny pieces to make custom-colored confetti.

Nothing makes a marriage stronger than working side-by-side until 2am playing around with fondant! Thou shalt help your wife with her crazy-color-perfection and cake business-always & forever. It’s got to be biblical! I think I’m onto something…this should surely be done at a marriage retreat or counseling of some kind. Don’t you think?!

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